Morning Star Baptist Church
Mission Trip Highlights

Highlights of Texas Trip
June 17 - 24, 2006
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On June 17, 2006, a small group from Morning Star Baptist Church traveled to Kingsland, Texas to help Brother Mike and Sister Cindy Lancaster build a house.  The Lancasters have been serving as Missionaries in Mexico for the past 20 years.   Their desire is to have a home where they can retire and also a home base to use during their furloughs.  We praise the Lord that the group was able to accomplish the goal to help get the house in the dry. During our stay in Kingsland, Brother E.J. Smith, Jackie Smith, Jesús Bolivar, and Jimmy Humphries stayed in a small cabin near the worksite.  Eddie and Shannon Fowler and Tommy and Myra Smith stayed in a nearby hotel.  Due to the extreme heat, the men worked each day from daybreak until lunch, then worked from around 6 pm until dark.  One day, thanks to a cloud cover, they were able to work all day. Shannon and Myra shopped for groceries and prepared meals for the group each day. Our group returned safely to Pacolet on June 24.