Highlights of Bulgaria Trip
11/11/03 - 11/24/03

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Tommy Smith left for Bulgaria on preparation trip with Jeff Stewart on November 11.  They flew into Germany and spent the night there before leaving to drive across Europe to Bulgaria. They drove all day and arrived in Croatia where they met Brother Rich, a Croatian national pastor that works with Brother Johnny Leslie.  They arrived at their destination in a Bulgarian Gypsy village about 1:30 a.m.  and slept in the car until morning.
On Sunday, they attended services at the Gypsy church with Pastor Evan.  After leaving the Gypsy village, they went to Sofia and met Brother Fedya and had a good meal.  Then, they met and fellowshipped with Fedya's dad.  He was a Godly man who had suffered much persecution by the communists for preaching.   He had many experiences to share.  They were humbled to fellowship with such a Godly man.  In Bulgaria, Brother Stewart finalized his O.T.H.E.R.S foundation.  This will allow him to preach and provide humanitarian aid to the gypsies in Bulgaria. After leaving Bulgaria, they traveled back through Croatia. There, a young woman was saved after Brother Stewart and Tommy witnessed to her. Brother Stewart preached in the services and also they visited in some Gypsy villages.
They visited several missionary families, including the Carnicle Family in Switzerland.  They arrived in Germany and fellowshipped and attended church services with Brother Mros. They visited 9 countries and encouraged 17 missionaries and their families.  Brother Stewart was able to make necessary preparations to move his family to Bulgaria in the spring.