Highlights of Canada Trip

June - August 2005
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On June 8, we traveled to Nelson, Canada to help in Joy Baptist Church as Bro. Greg Mann and his family took a short furlough to raise much needed financial support.  We praise the Lord that Bro. Mann was able to increase his support as well as obtain a smaller van to help in his ministry.  Please continue to pray for the Mann Family as they still have financial needs. Bro. Mann shared with us upon his return that it was a blessing to come home from furlough to an active church family.

During our stay in Nelson, we stayed in the Mann Family’s home and cared for their house and animals.  Tommy taught Adult Bible Study in the church, and Myra played guitar, sang, and taught children’s church.  We ministered to the church family, provided transportation to and from the church services and visitation, planned and enjoyed several church fellowship meetings, and visited and shared the gospel with patients in the nursing home.   We witnessed and handed out tracts and church literature door to door various times during each week.  On one of the visitations, a 31-year-old lady named Michelle called on the Lord for salvation.  We had the opportunity to witness her baptism when Bro. Mann returned home.   Please pray for Michelle.  Please pray also for the many seeds that were planted with personal testimonies and gospel literature. Finley and Shirley Fowler from our home church, Morning Star Baptist, spent two weeks helping us help! They were really a blessing as they helped us to fold and prepare tracks and church literature, hand out tracks on door to door visitation, and encourage and minister to the church family. They also were a great encouragement to us. When we are away from home, it is always a blessing to fellowship with someone from home. When Bro. Mann returned home, we had our Sunday morning service on a public street corner in downtown Nelson.
Bro. Mann preached, Myra played her guitar and sang, and Tommy and a couple of the church members handed out tracks. Bro. Mann had obtained permission from the local police to preach, but did not know that Myra needed a special permit to play her guitar and sing.
A policeman approached Myra and requested to see her permit. Of course she had none, and he was prepared to book her for singing and playing on the street without a permit. Bro. Mann explained to the policeman that he had permission to preach.The policeman replied that he could allow preaching, but he could not turn a deaf ear to Myra singing and playing an instrument without a permit. It was quite a scare for Myra. Bro. Mann promised to obtain a permit in the future and was able to convince the policemen to give only a warning. On August 25, we flew home. After settling in and visiting with family and friends, we are looking forward to helping our church plan and prepare for our Annual Mission Conference, held the Wednesday – Sunday of each November. Also, we will resume our normal responsibilities in our home church.