Morning Star Baptist Church
Mission Trip Highlights

Highlights of Germany Trip
9/6/01 - 10/25/01
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Tommy and Myra Smith worked with Missionary Jeff Stewart in Hanau, Germany September 6 through October 25. Brother Stewart has a ministry to the U.S.Military and also ministers to the Gypsy villages in Eastern Europe. Shortly before the Smiths arrived, Ms. Stewart was unexpectedly called away to be with her very ill mother in Korea. The Smiths were able to work with Brother Stewart's teenage daughters to help with cooking and house keeping while Ms. Stewart was away. They helped with various projects around the church including: Separate, organize, and list humanitarian items to be donated to Romanian Gypsies; remove old carpet and prepare for new carpet installation in the church; move and clean house for a missionary couple that had to leave the field due to health problems; correct computer problems; repair electrical and household problems; provide CPR, computer, and guitar training; participate in a mission trip to deliver the humanitarian items and minister to the Romanian Gypsies; and minister in singing, teaching, and Bible study in the church.