Morning Star Baptist Church
Highlights of Germany/Romania
August 8,  2002 - September 25, 2002

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On August 8, we flew to Germany with a group of 8 from Morning Star Baptist Church including Pastor and Ms. Bobbie Carrigan.   Missionaries Jeff
Stewart, and Michael and Sandra Faulkenburg met us at the airport.  After loading our luggage into their van, we began our 10-hour trip across Germany, Austria, and into Hungary.  After a night's rest in Hungary, we continued another 8 hours into Oradea, Romania, where we enjoyed fellowship with Missionary Terry Ingram and his family over dinner.  We delivered the Romanian tracts provided by Calvary Hill Baptist Church to Brother Ingram.  After traveling another two hours, Missionary Tony Collico met us at our hotel in Simleu-Silvanie.   The group worked with Brother Collico and a Romania
interpreter, Claudia, in several Gypsy villages.  Our group preached, gave
testimonies, sang, and handed out tracts in several Gypsy churches and
villages. We witnessed many Gypsies receive the Lord as their Savior. 
Please pray for Brother Collico and his national Gypsy pastors as they work
to disciple the new converts. We visited a Romanian orphanage and had a
good time of fellowship with the children and workers.
After  a week in Romania, we returned to Hungary, and then on to Germany. 
We provided Michael and Sandra Faulkenburg, German national missionaries,
with German John/Romans and tracts provided by Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. 
Preacher Duckett preached in Brother Stewart's church for the midweek
service.  The group rested, did some sight-seeing for a couple of days,
then Pastor Carrigan preached on Sunday.
All the group except Tommy and Myra Smith flew home on Monday. After attending a Missionary fellowship on Tuesday, Tommy and Myra traveled to Schweinfurt to work with Missionary Harold and Karen Pierce.  They worked with the Pierce's to canvas the military housing areas with church
fliers, and worked in the church singing and teaching in the services, and helped with small projects.  Tommy and Myra returned home the end of September.