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Date Service Speaker Message Title
05/25/2016 Wednesday PM Dr Joe Arthur Morning Star Baptist Church Daughter
02/05/2016 Friday PM Dean McNeese The Believers Great Joy
02/04/2016 Thursday PM Dean McNeese The Last Revival
02/03/2016 Wednesday PM Dean McNeese The Lord Dunked Him Under
02/02/2016 Tuesday PM Dean McNeese Three Things Satan Will do to Ruin a Revival
02/01/2016 Monday PM Dean McNeese What to Expect When the Fire Falls
01/30/2013 Wednesday PM Dr Brian McBride Gateway Jubilee A Divine Reception
01/13/2013 Sunday PM Dr Joe Arthur Gateway Jubilee The Scarlot Saved the Harlot
07/04/2012 Wednesday PM Preacher Brian McBride What Are You Gonna Do with That Old Shoe
07/04/2012 Wednesday AM Dr. David Gibbs How Good Are you At
07/03/2012 Tuesday PM Preacher Brian McBride Law and Grace
05/21/2010 Friday PM Dr Chris Haizlip Walking with God
05/18/2010 Tuesday PM Dr. Chris Haizlip A Song in the
05/17/2010 Monday PM Dr Chris Haizlip Dont Let the Stink Stop You
09/05/2009 Saturday PM Chris Haizlip Dont Leave Your Post
05/22/2009 Friday PM Chris Haizlip The Long Way Around
05/21/2009 Thursday PM Chris Haizlip How To Tear Up A Church
05/20/2009 Wednesday PM Chris Haizlip Dont Leave Your Post
05/19/2009 Tuesday PM Chris Haizlip Romans6
07/08/2008 Tuesday PM Brian McBride Greer Camp Meeting preaching
07/01/2008 Tuesday PM Brian McBride Greer Camp Meeting 2008
05/16/2008 Friday PM Chris Haizlip How to Get God on you
05/15/2008 Thursday PM Chris Haizlip Valley Wells.wm Chris Haizlip Valley Wells
05/14/2008 Wednesday PM Chris Haizlip The Making of a Timothy 2 Timothy
05/13/2008 Tuesday PM Chris Haizlip 3 things I want to do before I Die
05/12/2008 Monday PM Chris Haizlip Attempting the Impossible