Morning Star Quartet


February 8 - TW Edwards Senior Meeting
February 9 - Woodruff Nursing Home
March 8 at 7:00pm - St. Johns Baptist Church, Gaffney SC - Revival
March 29 at 7:00pm - Calvary Hill Baptist Church, Lyman SC - Revival
April 19 - Redland Baptist Church Revival

January 5 7:00PM - Una Baptist Church revival with Bro. Bob McCurry

April 2015 11:30am - Spartanburg County Baptist Network Senior Adults

January 9, 2014 7:00pm - Una Baptist Church, Una, SC
May 20, 2014 6:00pm - Poplar Springs Senior Meeting
July 15, 2014   7:00pm - Una Baptist Church, Una, SC      Revival with Evangelist Alan Carr

We are thankful that the Lord Jesus Christ has saved us and allowed us to serve Him at Morning Star Baptist Church in Pacolet, SC.   It is our prayer that our music will be used of God to touch hearts and bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our desire to be used of God.

If you would like to have the Morning Star Quartet to sing in your church for revivals or special services, please contact us at the contact information provided above. We are available for services that will not take us away from scheduled services at our home church.


The trio, which is now a quartet, has professionally made 4 CD’s and Myra Smith has professionally made 2 cassette tapes. The details are listed below. Please add $2.00 per package. We can send up to 2 items per package. The Morning Star Trio does not make any profit on this music. We donate 100% of the profits from these cds and tapes to the Mission Program at Morning Star Baptist Church to help support missionaries around the world. Our mission program is currently helping to support over 50 missionaries. 

CD Title: Our Saviour's Love ( We just completed this new CD!)
$12.00 each Plus Shipping

Trio CD

CD Title: Old Fashioned Way (Original Cds Sold Out)
Cost: $5.00 each for quality computer generated CD copy

CD Title: I”ve Found a Better Way
Cost: $8.00 each plus shipping
I’ve Found a Better Way
Something Got Ahold of Me
Though I’ve Failed the Lord, He Has Never Failed Me
Do you Know How it Feels
In the Valley
I’ll Take Jesus
That Story Will Never Grow Old
More Than Enough
He Gets Sweeter to Me
Sweet Heaven Will Fix It All
He is Mine

CD Title: That’s God (Original Cds Sold Out)
Cost: $5.00 each for quality computer generated CD copy
List of Songs on CD:
Boundless Love 
 When Jesus Passed By
 I Am So Glad God Saves Old Sinners
 My Hope Is In The Blood
 That’s God
 Because He Loved Me
 Thank God I’m Free
 So Much To Thank Him For
 The Sun’s Coming Up
 He Loves Me

Following Cassette Tapes(also available in computer gernerated CDs) were professionally made of Myra Smith singing solo.

Title: Send the Light to Everyone
Cost: $5.00 each plus shipping
List of songs on tape:
 Send the Light to Everyone
 God Still Answers Prayer
 I need to pray through
 This is just what heaven means to me
 He’s In the Midst
 I’ve Got a Mansion
 Old Rugged Cross
In the Valley He restoreth my soul
 The Answer
 Whosever Will

Cassette Title: The Old Paths
Cost $5.00 each plus shipping
List of Songs on tape:
 Be not afraid
 What a Day
 Your Redemption Draweth Nigh
 Wall of Prayer
 My Sins are Gone
 Supper Time
 I Wish I’d Done More
 The Old Paths
 Give Him the Glory
 Calvary is the Reason Why
 I Never Have Imagined

CDs may be ordered from the address above.
All profits go to support Missionaries
through Morning Star Baptist Church Missions Program.

May the Lord Bless you!